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 January 1, 2021

On behalf of myself and my entire team, I would like to personally take this time to thank you for visiting my website at www.rychan.com.

Today marks the 15th consecutive year since the founding of my website in Summer 2006. It's been a long and perilous road, but it continues to be an incredibly inspiring experience for me. As the world continues to change rapidly, external forces are reshaping the attributes and actions of leaders across the globe, and innovation has become an irrefutable, essential ingredient to the success of any organization or institution.

From this website, I invite you to learn, read, and discover the extraordinary life of Mr. Roy Y. Chan. As you browse around, you will notice several academic and professional documents (e.g, resume, CV, letters of recommendation, official transcripts, work samples, etc.) that is accessible for public reading. The mass amount of public documents that are readily available has easily transformed my website to gain both national and international attention from thousands of educators, doctors, lawyers, engineers, researchers, and government officials.

Call it conceptual, creative, or disruptive; we are living in an age ruled by innovation. As advancing technologies integrate information processing into our daily lives, the Internet has become an essential tool for both academic and everyday pursuits, offering capabilities and opportunities that expand our horizons and enrich our lives. This connectivity has fostered collaboration and participation in which the Internet is revolutionizing the way we learn and work. As a result, when viewing any of these documents and files, you agree to abide by Roy Y. Chanís User Agreement and Privacy Policy standards as well as the U.S. copyright laws set forth on my webpage.

Making copies of copyrighted materials over the network is generally illegal unless you have the consent of the copyright holder. There are some limited exceptions; however, these exceptions generally do not apply when a person shares copyrighted materials with others for education purposes. Copyright holders are significantly intensifying enforcement using automated scanning software to identify infringements, no matter how small. Civil settlements negotiated for individual file sharing copyright infringements routinely amount to thousands of dollars. Recent Congressional hearings have focused on such infringements by students with the prospect of legislation toughening the already serious criminal penalties for file sharing copyright violations.

Accordingly, to protect your own personal information and the integrity of your computer as well as to comply with copyright laws, you should NOT use any of my documents other than for educational purpose. Copyrighted material includes the following: resume, CV, letters of recommendations, official transcripts, work samples, music, videos, games, movies, text, pictures, and software. Sharing files on your system without proper attention to what is being shared -- and with whom -- can easily allow personal information on your system, or even your entire system, to be used in ways which can have serious consequences for you.

Aside from my copyright policy and the seriousness of this issue, I invite you to browse around my website as your fellow friend, family, or colleague of Roy Y. Chan. As explained in the essay "Oceans of Innovation," "The extent of innovation required to solve the world's problems in the next half century is unprecedented." Innovation can drive results, but there is no secret sauce. To move the needle forward, thought leaders worldwide must bond together to provide actionable insights and ideas to cultivate innovation as a way of being.

Should have any questions or concerns regarding this website, please feel free to write to me at roy.chan@rychan.com.

Thanks for reading this welcome message, and may I wish you a wonderful year in 2021!

Best wishes,
Roy Y. Chan, Ph.D.

Mr. Steve Tran
Executive Assistant to Roy Y. Chan

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